Leadership Comes From Within.

Leaders emerge from self-discovery and risk-taking. Are you driven by a deep passion for becoming something more? Some of the most captivating leaders began by improving and strengthening themselves from within. Developing new leadership skills and breakthrough thoughts allows the true you to surface. Having a clear purpose gives you the drive to be the best you that you can be!


High-performance professional development. Through professional services, management training programs, and guided mentoring, you’ll shine above the rest, emerging as a leader among the crowds. Grow your skills and succeed in your objectives by developing a clear vision, set goals, and formulate a decision-making process.


Expand your personal aspirations and objectives. With guidance, instructor-led training, and self-building learning paths, you begin to show the world who you are. Stand up, be the proud individual you are. We help you determine what is important to you and clear away all the excess choices and obstacles that fog your chosen path to personal success.


If you can envision it, we can get you there. Not sure what programs offered would best suit your goals? Success begins by learning to succeed. Here is where we can guide you through the development program process. By evaluating your needs and ambition, reviewing obstacles and pitfalls, we model a growth plan for accomplishment specific to you.

The Programs

Vinciguerra Consulting Group, making leaders from businessmen and businesswomen. Our revolutionary programs take your emergent leaders and transform them into the next level of performance management. The VCG model was built on proven training materials that bring success. Talent development coaching from entry-level to advanced, comprehensive, and contemporary executive education and leadership training courses are available.

Behind the Inspiration

About Dr. Scott Vinciguerra

Dr. Scott Vinciguerra became a true thought leader in the industry and has written books on the theories used today. Having written on the topics of transformational leadership and personal development, Dr. Scott is an expert influencer in leadership development program training. His books are renowned for their valuable life-changing content and inspirational self-improvements. He has also published several professional articles and has presented at prestigious conferences such as Learning & The Brain Conference, for Brain Initiatives, and the Harvard University Faculty Club




Special Events and Webinars

Training seminars, demonstrations, and instruction are public sessions made to unlock your passion, purpose, and potential. Inspirational instruction teaches proven methods to reach further in your goals and remove obstacles. Whereas, webinars are a series of web-based courses developed to guide you toward peak performance. Each session will cover critical concepts to launch your professional and personal life to the next level!


Transformational Podcast

Our Inspired Leadership Podcast is optimum for businessmen and businesswomen, entrepreneurs, and managers, giving inspirational news and groundbreaking thoughts for leadership development. If you want more out of either your professional or personal life, this is where you hear Dr. Scott Vinciguerra Discuss the simple skills you can develop to get where you’re most successful.

Success Stories

I really didn’t know what to expect when I began the program with Dr. Vinciguerra, but the ability to connect with the deep thoughts inside me, to bring out the maximum effort inside me, to reach my potential in the areas of mental preparation and peak performance – I owe that to Dr. Vinciguerra!

Anthony Watson, 2018 Winter Olympian, Jamaica

Leadership and transformation is what Dr. Vinciguerra does BEST.  He’s taught me the tools, skills, and strategies to leverage my influence not just in my professional life, but in my personal journey.  These are tools for life!

Steve Roberts, Upstate University

Scott’s style and presentation not only effectively imparts the concepts and skills of transformational leadership, but empowers and motivates you to go the extra mile past the finish line each and every day.

Nick Massa, MD, Excellus BCBS

Begin Discovery. Discover You. Take the step to the next level.

Nothing is holding you back. Begin your transformational journey with us. Learn about the best you and how to present that person to thousands of people around the world, or just those who hold meaning in your life. Development starts with learning, and learning begins from within. Our proven successful methods will help you build skills and achieve goals you’re longing to meet. Don’t stop now; begin your progression.